Wednesday, November 4

#44 - the human race in (moving) pictures

NASA is preparing to launch a space probe that will gather information from the far reaches of the solar system. Since the craft will eventually leave the solar system and continue on towards distant galaxies, it will be equipped with a multimedia device similar to the Voyager Golden Record, an archive of information about the human race and life on Earth (in the event that the probe is someday discovered by extraterrestrials). While the Voyager records were limited to sounds and images, the disc for this new probe will contain two hours of video footage.

You have been selected to serve on the final selection committee, the group that will decide which video clips make the final cut.

As a member of this body, what recommendations do you make as to the content of the disc? Do you push for any specific footage to be included?


Matt said...

In case you'd like to reference it:

Mike said...

You shoulda done an Australian themed thought-lab! :-p

Daniel said...

I think we should send the movie "Independence Day".
As a warning.

Matt said...

Ok Go's treadmill video.

There would not be much risk of it provoking an aggressive response, only admiration or confusion.

Paul said...

Our best and worst! Honestly and good story telling.

1) traditional dancing/music from a variety of cultures.

2) a video of a birth

3) a child learning to walk

4) students at school

5) a variety of work settings: offices, construction, artists, etc.

6) the process of building a large structure

7) war footage

7) a wide range of facial expressions and nonverbal communication