Sunday, December 27

#52 - superhero

One night while sleeping, you are startled by a booming voice. The voice informs you that when you awake the next morning, you will be vested with the superpower of your choice. All you have to do is name the power.

You are free to use an existing superhero to frame your choice, but your selection must consist of a single, distinct ability. You could choose from a particular hero's repertoire ("Superman's x-ray vision") but would not be permitted to adopt a host of superpowers ("I wish to be Superman").

Also, this ability will last for the rest of your life, though its effects may lessen as you age. For instance, if you chose superspeed, though you would still be able to move faster than any human for the rest of your life, your top speed at age 64 would not match your max in your thirties.

What superpower do you choose?


Evan said...

I do not think I knew that Superman had x-ray vision. Generally I sort of feel that Superman's a guy that, in a pinch, they can give him whatever he needs.

I'd definitely go for flight, easily. My only doubt was that if I lived in a more urban area, I'd go for Spiderman's web-swinging, because it seems like a little more of a thrill to still be subject to the laws of gravity and physics, instead of just holding myself in a place in space.

However, when I ever fly in a dream, it appears quite like Spiderman's web-swinging would, sort of haphazard and dependent upon my concentration.

Matt said...

Super-speed, teleportation (Nightcrawler), or some sort of stretchiness (Mr. Fantastic) would really tempt me, but I would end up choosing flight.

The idea of flying like Superman flies seems like it would be fantastic and liberating.

Amy said...

I have to say that in past superhero choices I have chosen Wallflower (though she had an early demise). I like her ability to improve the lives of others. Though I dislike that it is an ability that is air dependent. I would like to have the hormonal control across barriers. I think that my favorite thing to do would be to create a sense of happiness in road raged citizens. That's the goal really. lol. Making people forget their worries and frustrations (one should not read into this in a sexual nature...that is very much not intended).