Sunday, October 18

#42 - mind reading

You are spending a quiet evening in a local coffee shop when you notice a circular, brightly colored object on the floor near your table. You pick it up for a closer look.

The object is green, similar in feel to a credit card, but in the shape of a disc. The words MIND READER are printed in block letters on one side of the disc, along with an 8 digit code. A toll free phone number is on the opposite side.

Curious, you call this number on your cellphone. After being prompted for and entering the 8 digit code, you are greeted by the voice of an automated operator, who states cheerily, "Thank you for choosing Mind Reader Incorporated. You have 60 minutes remaining on your card. Please remember that your selected individual must be in the same room with you, or within 30 feet. Should your proximity exceed this range, your connection may be lost. Whose mind would you like to read?"

You are taken aback, but sitting in the coffee shop alone and being unable to think of anyone else, you quietly say, "barista". You immediately start hearing phrases in the barista's voice over your phone, thoughts about the orders being filled as well as an exam the barista will be taking on Monday.

After around 30 seconds you hang up, feeling a bit uncomfortable. You look down at the disc and notice that a small "pie" slice is now orange instead of green, presumably indicating the amount of time on the card that you just used up.

You now have the opportunity to read the minds of other individuals for a total of 59:30. Those whose minds you read must be more or less nearby, and you can only hear their thoughts through your phone (though headphones and a laptop would be another option if you were using an internet application such as Skype).

Do you use this card in the future? In what situations might you do so?


Matt said...

I originally thought that using this as a form of "people watching" would be interesting.

Another use might be trying to fathom the ins and outs of office politics at my workplace.

I really feel like I would avoid using it with family and friends, though I would likely be tempted.

Holly said...

I think I would use it little by little in situations where I think I could use constructive criticism but the person I am with would be hesitant to give it - such as with a boss, for example, or someone else who could give constructive criticism on my teaching.

I think I would try to save a lot of it, however, for if I am ever a parent. I have a feeling it might be useful to know, once in a while, the truth about a situation that a teenager might not be so willing to give. I wouldn't use it invasively, however (which would be akin to reading a child's diary), but in situations where I was concerned for safety or could use a critique on my parenting techniques. I think I'd have to make sure I was emotionally stable before activating, though, cause I have a feeling a lot of what I would hear would be something like a punch to the gut...

Paul said...

Sales. I would go into sales. When meeting clients, after the initial presentation or discussion I would excuse myself to the men's room and dial in for a listen. I'm confident with an hour of mind read time to give me an edge I could rake in some real dollars, rupees and pesos!