Monday, May 25

#21 - entrance music

You notice one day that you're hearing music in your head. You aren't wearing headphones, and the sound isn't coming from a nearby radio or loudspeaker of any sort. The songs that are playing are mix of popular music and instrumental scores that seem to correspond with events of your day, almost as if your life now has a soundtrack.

You pay close attention to this new phenomenon during the next few days. Nobody else can hear the music, though it seems that sometimes others are left with the general impression of the song that is playing.

As weeks go by and you get used to the constant music, you find that you are often times able to queue specific songs just by thinking about it. You can even set up songs for later, though whatever is controlling the soundtrack takes care of the fading and the actual starting moment of your "requested" song (so that everything blends rather seamlessly).

A month later, you are set to give a keynote address at a relatively large convention. As you have spent a good amount of time preparing your presentation, you feel it would be a good opportunity to queue up a song for your entrance. What song would you choose to accompany your post-introduction walk to the lectern?


Holly said...

Yes! This had to be one of the questions! I had a professor who repeatedly joked about their being a soundtrack to your life (he was a film prof. : )-

It would probably depend on what type of speech I was giving (informative, inspirational, controversial...) and how nervous I was to determine what type of mood I would want to set, but it would likely be a classical piece. I'd probably pick something like the the William Tell Overture - it's inspiring and, if I was nervous it would make me smile picturing myself galloping my way to the podium : )

Joe said...

I think mine would probably be something from the Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack...the songs from that are so epic. Especially "Battle Without Honour or Humanity" or "White Lightning". The whole soundtrack of the first movie is awesome though!

Either that or "Miserlou" by Dick Dale.

Sheila said...

This is hard because, like Holly, I agree that it depends on what type of speech it is. I've always thought that my "song" for the purposes of athletic introduction (like when people come up to bat at baseball games) would be Sweet Child O' Mine. But for a pump-up speech song... maybe the end of Freebird? You know, after the vocals end.

Stephanie said...

something with a sweet, hott Latin beat orrrr some crazy rile you up rap/hip hop song like "Let's Go" by Trick Daddy. lol.

i too agree that it depends on the type of speech and venue.

laura said...

For me, it would be Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 2.

I have to say though that Joe's answer of Battle without Honour or Humanity gave me very serious pause.

Matt said...

I'll say "Rudie Can't Fail" by the Clash.

The trick for me would be to find something that would give me confidence, but that wouldn't compel me to sing along or shuffle around.

Matt said...

Also, thanks to Pete and Stephanie, who independently brought up the "up to bat at a baseball game" idea a while back.

Ry said...

I've always wanted a theme song to cue up when I enter a room, but it loses some impact if I'm the only one who can hear it.

Still, off the top of my head I'd probably go with one of the two greatest personal themes ever written: the Imperial March or (more likely) the James Bond Theme.

Jack said...

The Who - Baba O'Reilly.. it would seem like more of a montage (allowing me to distance myself from the nervousness i always feel), plus it would bring to mind the awesome speech given in the movie 'Girl Next Door'