Sunday, January 18

#3 - super mario souvenir

In a dream one night, you spend an afternoon hanging out with Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom. Near the end of the dream, Mario makes you a startling offer: as a memento of your time spent in his world, you will be able to take one object or character from the Mario universe back with you to your real life.

After Mario says this, you are overwhelmed with the feeling that what he says is true. This is not going to be one of those dreams where you win the lottery only to wake up disappointed.

Which character or object do you choose?

We'll assume that Peach and Luigi are off limits, as they would miss Mario too much and vice versa. Also bear in mind that whatever you select will have the same properties in the real word as it does in the Nintendo games. Eating a fire flower would let you produce fireballs, but you could lose that ability were you to sustain an injury. Though he looks friendly, a Pokey would probably not be an ideal pet (most of these creatures would likely require an arduous domestication process).


mikeygee said...

Definitely the pipes that take you to places instantly. I'd at least set one up to go from my apartment to work... man what an excellent life that would be to have no commute... although I'd definitely keep it a secret or else they'd always ask me to come back in.

I'd also set one up to Pittsburgh to make visiting easy. I'd also set one up to some fun places around the world... dunno exactly where though...

I also hope one of those pipes would lead to a lot of treasure like in the game.

If the pipes weren't possible to take back, then I'd probably steal the item that lets you fly. Sure it's temporary and I'd probably miss it forever once its gone... but man, that would be an awesome experience.

Joyce said...

ingenious, the pipes. i'll be lame and say that i would probably use that too. i really dislike the drive from cleveland to rochester, and cleveland to ann arbor. I-90 in ohio is just so boring...

i really love mario bros.. it's the only video game that i could probably play for hours.

Matt said...

I'm also going to have to say the pipes. They were my first thought when I was coming up with this question.

They'd be great for personal use, or if you went into business with the set you brought back. Maintaining a NYC/Paris pipeline would probably ensure you'd never have to work another day in your life.

Though a lot of the power-ups are temporary in nature, they'd be a lot of fun too. It'd be nice to know you had a star in your back pocket for emergencies.

Derek Timothy said...


My first thought was the Tanooki suit. Flight, and invincible statue-stomp? Rad! It would be especially great if, in real life, it was actually like a SUIT, meaning I didn't have to always have it on. Who wants to go through life in a big ridiculous Tanooki costume?

Pietro said...

Wow... I didn't even think of the pipes. Those definitely would be really useful, for almost everything. But for the sake of being different, I might have to smuggle one of those flying ships that shoot bullets in every direction. That would probably be my next favorite mode of transportation, after the green pipes. I guess it would be more like a cruise ship that real transportation since they never moved that fast but it would still be cool. I might even use it to do some mercenary work for a government with a big checkbook.
If Bowser wouldn’t part with a ship from his flying fleet I’d probably smuggle a green 1up mushroom home with me and stop paying all health and life insurance.
…Or maybe if I was feeling more philanthropic, I’d take my green mushroom back in time in my Uncle’s time machine and give it to Lincoln just before he gets shot

Joe said...

I'd have to go for the wings from Super Mario 3. (According to Wikipedia, this is called the Super Leaf. Sounds...narcotic!) Waiting in traffic jams causes my blood pressure to go up 50 points; I'd love to be able to simply go over to the side of the road, get a running start, take off, and soar over all of the gridlock.

I was originally going to say that I'd want the item that allows one to swim underwater for long periods of time without dying...but I'm not sure if there's an item like that?

Sheila said...

Because I know so very little about Mr. Mario and his Paisanos, I will have to go with his faithful Dino steed, Yoshi. For no other reasons than that he is cute and I can ride him (since I can't really drive myself anywhere).